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Membership Options:
With the registration with ISDCO, you may request for ISDCO colored and a quality membership ID / certificate etc. Please, email with the mailing address and appropriate fees to receive one or all of them. Organization or individual involved in combat category of some Martial arts forms or Self defense may avail the prestigious associate membership. For serious members ISDCO considers 10% extra discount when they take any four items together in a single order.


All memberships are subject to yearly renewal excepting the Life time categories.
ISDCO  Individual Associate membership certificate -$55.
ISDCO   Corporate Associate membership certificate -$85.
ISDCO   Associate membership ID -$15.
ISDCO   Individual Associate membership certificate and ID together -$65.
ISDCO  Lifetime Associate Membership with certificate & ID -$330.
ISDCO  Lifetime Corporate Associate Membership with certificate & ID -$ 670.
ISDCO   Individual Full membership certificate - $50 (requires at least to complete one PTD training course)
ISDCO   Full membership ID -$ 20 (requires at least to complete one PTD training course)
ISDCO   Individual Full membership certificate and ID- $ 60 (requires at least to complete one PTD training course)
ISDCO  Individual Full Lifetime Membership with certificate & ID - $285. (requires at least to complete one PTD training course)
ISDCO  Charter School /Corporate Membership - $ 485.(requires the school owner / instructor to complete at least one PTD training course)

One may apply for ISDCO  school charter program package and as a charter school you will receive the following:

  • One ISDCO  flag ( great for training hall / DOJO decoration)
  • School Charter Membership Certificate
  • Lifetime Membership Certificate for the Instructor
  • Free advertisement for a yearly program on ISDCO  website.
  • All ISDCO  school charter members can use the name and logo as a member when advertising.
  • Charter school members may teach the ISDCO  Approved and Recommended Pars Tactical Defence (PTD) system after obtaining instructors’ certification.
  • Membership ID card.
  • 15 Regular Membership Certificates.
  • Two PTD coat pins.
  • Five PTDD stickers for files/briefcase,etc  
  • Discounts at all ISDCO  Seminars, Training programs and Merchandise.
  • Special priority to be a CSD merchandise dealer to enjoy 20%-25% discount.

Requirements for ID & Membership Certificates:
Please,send the following by email for official process

  • One (1) face shot photograph.
  • Correct amount of fee.
  • One (1) photograph in your preferred Martial Arts or training uniform.
  • Your school name, address, telephone number, discipline(s) or style(s) .Pls,add the  Name and rank, of your instructor also.

    For any other further information directly email to:
    ISDCO Headquarters




Name:_________________________________ Address:__________________________________________________

City:_________________________________ State:______ ZIP:___________ Phone: _________________________

Age:______ Sex:______ Occupation:_____________________________ E-Mail: _____________________________


H.S. College (Name, Degree) _________________________________________________________


How many years have you been in the Martial Arts? ____________ Are you currently training?

Rank Date Art / Style Instructor

Yes No




School Website: ___________________________________ School Phone: _________________________________

Yes No If Yes, School Name:_________________________________________________________


Instructor Certificate 

Master Instructor Certificate 

School Charter Membership 

School name for Certificate: ________________________________________________


Check enclosed

□Name Printed on Card: _____________________________ Signature: ___________________________________

Expiration Date: __________ Verification Code:

Charge to my VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, or AMEX Card # __________________________(3 or 4 digit # on card) _________ Amount to Charge: $____________

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