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Prestigious ISDCO rank Certification are available to all. Usually the Instructors order certificates in advance so that they can present them on the day of exam.

The ISDCO Certificates are full coloured, A4 format, of high quality and design, on thick paper with official seal and signature. Every Certificate has its CIN (certificate identification number) number.

You can order for your desired rank Certificates from ISDCO office with accreditation. You have to send a copy of your present certificate by email. For your students also please, send the name of your school, the name of the student, his/her new rank with indication of style, place for your signature and seal.

For the ISDCO Certificates Please send the following information along with a scanned copy of your desired certificate for accreditation, by e-mail:

- Your Name, Title and Rank.
- Name of Your Martial Arts School.
- Name of your certifying organization/ school.
- Your school’s address/country
- Scanned copy of the original certificate.
- Exam date.

For different catagory of certification the payment to be included is given below:

1. Individual Membership 30$ (each)

2. Lifetime Member 250$

3. International Instructor Certificate   50$

4. International Examiner Certificate  70$

5. Style Master Certificate   100$
6. Organization Membership Certificate 100$

7. Rank Certificate --

8. Style Founder Certificate 250$ 

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